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The IC Wayhouse

"Bronwen rested here in her old age, after fifty years walking the Trods of Therunin."

Bronwen's Rest Wayhouse is set beside the Trods in Therunin close to where Highguard and Urizen meet. (Somewhere near the E of Therunin on the large-scale map.)

It started as a small house and stable, but rapidly outgrew its beginnings. An inn with a couple of rooms was built the following summer, and has expanded and been built on to over the years, and a few other buildings have been erected whenever the need proved great enough.

Getting in contact

If you use IRC, you can get in contact with the group on the #bronwensrest channel on irc.srcf.net. If you prefer email, DanSummers is willing to field questions at bronwensrest(at)glasshalfempty.co.uk .

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